About Us

Gwengnyakager Foundation is a registered national foundation in Kenya which focuses on initiatives that promote human and community socio-economic  development.

The Initiatives are programmed to promote development in a human way regardless of one’s background and are aimed at restoring dignity to human life by eliminating factors that couse poverty and supporting progressive ideas that empower the people and improve living standards.

We operate in a unique approach that reaches the targeted marginalized and povery stricken groups

Our Mission:To Promote livelihood among the poor,marginalized and vulnerable in Kenya by improving their socio-economic status.

Our Vision:An empowered society that is socio-economically stable.


What We Do

Gwengnyakager Foundation is keen to bild networks that will help to impact on its mission.These Partnerships involve sharing of resources,knowledge on how to improve socio-economy of poor, marginalized and the Vulnerable

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Inspires employees and organizations to support causes they care
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